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Pick a US truck dispatch service. American X Logistics works with all varieties of trucking firms in the US and offers truckers the most competitive freight rates. Our courteous and committed dispatchers are committed to assisting you and ensuring your success. We are a seasoned independent trucker dispatch company in the USA with many years of expertise in the trucking transportation industry. American X Logistics Company is a provider of professional truck dispatch services that serves North America's continental U.S.

Specifications of our services:

● We are certain that our load rates will surpass those of your present dispatcher.

● Anytime, get a free freight quote.

● No extra costs.

● You choose where and when to run.

● Invoicing and billing.

● While we handle your billing and paperwork, you can concentrate on driving.

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Specifications of our services
What is the operation of our speedy dispatching service?

What is the operation of our speedy dispatching service?

● You specify the location and time of your run.

● We select the most cost-effective freight option for you.

● We bargain for the greatest price and obtain it.

● We complete the necessary papers, book it, and notify you of the rate.

● The loader loads cargo onto your truck.

● We give you a thorough route.

● You transport the cargo.

● You email us a high-quality snapshot of a signed proof of delivery.

● We handle your billing.

● It's paid to you.

We Collaborate with the Top-Rated, Most Reliable Carriers in the Industry You will enjoy using our premium level profit tracking capabilities if you
enjoy keeping track of how your firm is going. The goal of our dispatchers is always to get you the best deal possible. They have received extensive rate negotiation training, which enables them to obtain the best rates. The paperwork is easy, and our professional strategy is the best. Why then
would you pay a different trucking dispatch provider 10% or more on each load? And for this reason, American X Logistics created a one stop shop for all of your needs related to trucking dispatch services. We can adapt our dispatching services to suit your needs, whether you prefer us to handle everything or have a hands on business style and need the paperwork only option.


It is a reality that practically all truck business owners require ongoing dispatching and loading assistance. The greatest paid truck loads and as
many trips home as possible are necessities for drivers, but clearly, things don't always work out that way. That's where our impartial dispatch
service may work to your advantage. You can rely on us to locate truck freight, truck loads, expedited loads, and backhauls throughout the US.

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