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Professional Auto Transport Dispatch Provider
Serving Open & Enclosed Carriers

Professional Auto Transport Dispatching

We specialize in providing Dispatch Services specifically tailored for carriers in the auto transport industry. Are you a CDL driver struggling to find the most lucrative loads? Do you find it challenging to dedicate the time and resources required to constantly monitor Central Dispatch and other load boards? 

Don’t let the stress of load searching and paperwork hinder your car hauling business’s success. It’s common for many car haulers to handle their own dispatching, but this approach can be time-consuming and inefficient when it comes to optimizing a profitable car hauling operation. The best loads are often posted and booked within minutes, leaving little room for delay. 

Benefit from a reliable partner to constantly monitor load boards to secure the highest paying loads for you. We take care of all the necessary paperwork, freeing up the driver’s time and allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional service to their clients while on the road.

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​Professional Auto Transport Dispatching

Our Services Include:

  • Search for, negotiate and book the best paying loads (Majority COD)

  • Verify your loads and put them in order for you

  • Handle customer and broker calls and emails, keeping everyone updated

  • Manage your invoicing and accounting

  • Get your ratings up and keep them 100% positive

  • Broker & dealership setup

  • Assess areas for profit


How does it work?

To get started you will need the following:

  • Your own MC authority

  • CDL (Exception 2 car enclosed)

  • Copy of Insurance

  • Central Dispatch

  • W9


We deliver quality service no matter how new your company is.  All these items are needed for us to book loads properly, this will allow us to fill out broker packets when you get a load with a new broker. 

How much does Express Auto Logistics Dispatch Cost?  

​Our comprehensive car hauler dispatch service is priced at a flat rate of 10% from the gross payment of each load. Dispatcher payments are processed on a weekly basis for all deliveries made from Monday to Sunday. With our full-service dispatch package, you’ll have a dedicated dispatcher available from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Professional Auto Transport Dispatch Provider Serving Open & Enclosed Carriers

Benefits of Hiring a Car Hauler Dispatcher Service

  • Improved Efficiency

Hiring a car hauler dispatcher service company can significantly enhance the efficiency of your operations. Dispatchers are skilled in load optimization, route planning, and managing logistics. They have the expertise to streamline your dispatching process, ensuring that each load is assigned effectively and drivers are scheduled optimally. This results in reduced downtime, minimized empty miles, and increased productivity, ultimately improving your overall efficiency and profitability.

  • Access to Industry Expertise

Car hauler dispatcher service companies employ professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the transportation industry. They stay updated with the latest market trends, regulations, and best practices. By partnering with a dispatcher, you gain access to this valuable expertise. They can provide guidance on load selection, pricing strategies, industry compliance, and more, helping you make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

  • Expanded Load Opportunities

Dispatchers have a wide network of contacts, including shippers, brokers, and industry connections. This allows them to tap into a broader range of load opportunities that may not be easily accessible to individual car haulers. By leveraging their network, a dispatcher service company can help you secure high-paying and diverse loads, ensuring a steady flow of work and revenue for your business.

  • Reduced Administrative Burden

Managing the paperwork and administrative tasks associated with load assignments can be time-consuming and burdensome. By outsourcing these responsibilities to a dispatcher service company, you can offload the administrative burden and focus on core operations. Dispatchers handle tasks such as paperwork, documentation, and communication with shippers and brokers, saving you time and resources. This enables you to concentrate on providing excellent service to your clients and growing your business.

  • Flexibility and Scalability

As your car hauling business grows, the demands on your dispatching operations increase. A dispatcher service company offers flexibility and scalability to accommodate your changing needs. They have the resources and infrastructure in place to handle a growing workload, ensuring that you can scale your operations seamlessly without compromising efficiency or customer satisfaction.

How to Obtain MC Authority for a Car Hauler 


Starting a car hauling business requires proper authorization and compliance with regulatory bodies. If you plan to transport vehicles across state lines for compensation, you need to obtain MC (Motor Carrier) authority. We will provide a detailed guide on how to obtain MC authority specifically for a car hauling operation. By following these steps, you will ensure that you meet all the necessary requirements and can start your car hauling business with confidence.

Step 1 Understand MC Authority for Car Haulers

MC Authority is granted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and allows carriers to operate interstate and transport goods for hire. As a car hauler, you will fall under the category of a specialized carrier. It is important to understand the specific regulations and requirements applicable to car hauling operations.

Step 2 Obtain USDOT Number

Before applying for MC Authority, car haulers must obtain a USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) Number. This number serves as a unique identifier for your business and is required for safety monitoring purposes. To obtain a USDOT Number, visit the FMCSA website and complete the online registration process. Provide accurate information about your car hauling business, including company name, address, ownership structure, and vehicle details.

Step 3 Meet Insurance Requirements

Car haulers must meet specific insurance requirements set by the FMCSA. The minimum liability insurance coverage for car haulers is typically higher than that of general freight carriers. Currently, the minimum insurance coverage is $1,000,000. Contact an insurance provider specializing in car hauling operations to obtain the necessary insurance documentation.

Step 4 Obtain Motor Carrier Number (MC Number)

To apply for MC Authority as a car hauler, you need to obtain an MC Number. Visit the FMCSA’s Unified Registration System (URS) website and create an account or log in if you already have one. Complete the online application, providing detailed information about your car hauling business, vehicle details, insurance coverage, and safety certifications.

Step 5 Pay the Application Fee

There is a non-refundable application fee associated with obtaining MC Authority. The current fee can be found on the FMCSA website. You can make the payment electronically through the URS system using a credit or debit card.

Step 6 Provide Proof of Financial Responsibility

Car haulers are required to provide proof of financial responsibility to ensure they can cover potential liabilities. This proof can be in the form of a surety bond or a trust fund agreement. The minimum amount required for car haulers is currently $75,000. Consult with a transportation attorney or insurance provider to determine the most suitable option for meeting this requirement.

Step 7 Wait for Processing

After submitting your application, paying the fee, and providing all the necessary documentation, your application will enter the processing phase. The FMCSA will review your application, conduct background checks, and verify your compliance with safety regulations. The processing time can vary, typically taking several weeks to a few months.

Step 8 Receive MC Authority

Once your application is approved, you will receive your MC Number and official MC Authority documentation. These documents are essential for operating as a car hauler. Keep them in a safe and easily accessible place, as you may need to provide them to shippers, brokers, or law enforcement officials when conducting your car hauling operations.

Professional Auto Transport Dispatch Provider Serving Open & Enclosed Carriers
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