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Owner-operator independent truck dispatchers

For owner operators and truckers, American X Logistics arranges independent truck dispatchers and qualified independent dispatchers. We provide independent truck dispatchers with their own motor carrier authority with our services. Our personnel manages their performance flawlessly and we have over 14 years of industry experience in truck transportation and independent truck dispatchers. A company called American X Logistics that specialties in sourcing freight for small carriers with one or more trucks is an independent truck dispatch company.

Our full service program includes:

● Booking and dispatching of loads.
● Finding the best load and rate matching you can.
● Work to get the load's best potential rate.
● Organize all required faxes and papers, such as insurance
certificates, rate confirmations, and broker setup.
● Verify the shipper or broker credit.
● Back office assistance.
● Invoicing and billing.
● Before shifting a load, check with your factoring business to make
sure the freight broker is approved.
● No additional costs.

Call Today (404) 348-4824

Booking and dispatching of loads
Reputable provider of dispatcher services

Our Strengths:

● Reputable provider of dispatcher services.

● Experienced personnel.

● Investigate the Best Loads.

● Leader in the trucking sector with a strong financial position.

● Staff with experience for swift and secure decisions.

● Database of 5000+ Carriers.

Call Today (404) 348-4824

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